In June 2017, the stars aligned for me to travel to Tarascon (in the south of France) to create a bespoke wedding gown for an ethereal beauty. The Neo Lace Capelet is a collaboration with jeweller Tessa Blazey. #scifigoddess #southoffrance #romanbeauty


In January 2017, I had the privilege of dressing this stunning human on a perfect summer day in Melbourne, Australia. The bride wears our Neo Lace Gown made in collaboration with jeweller Tessa Blazey and our silver Nocturne Boot collab with Preston Zly. #rocknroyalty #metalasanything #alfrescowedding


Ok so I’ve been lucky enough to see some pretty spectacular brides in my time, but I think it’s fair to say that this photo does not really do justice to just how beautiful she looked IRL on her wedding day. Come to think of it, the groom was pretty darned handsome too! The bride wears our polished bronze Neo Lace Capelet (collab with Tessa Blazey) in February 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. #toohautetohandle #bridal #artisanal


Ok so I don’t usually like to ‘design n tell’ but I think in this case they couple are so magnanimous they’d be happy for me to give you a little glimpse behind the scenes… So in March 2014,  I had the great privilege of designing for and personally dressing Kirsha Kaechelle for her wedding to David Walsh at MONA museum. Bam! Kirsha wore our Interstellar Gown (collab with Tessa Blazey) whilst singing an operetta on the ground floor of the museum. Double bam!! Oh to be a fly on the wall! Kirsha also wears a bespoke ALEXI FREEMAN mesh bodysuit with gold foil geometric patterns. #weddingofthecentury #kirshaKaechelle #mona #scifigoddess

I also managed to secret squirrel this party pic of Kirsha wearing our Neo Lace Capelet whilst hitting the tiles!

In December 2013, this beautiful woman wore our Neo Lace Gown (collab with Tessa Blazey) on her special day. The bride wears a bespoke ALEXI FREEMAN silk jersey slip underneath in ivory. #theageofelegance #weddingdress #loveandlight

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