In January 2017 the illustrious Kate Rohde and I were commissioned to make something for the rooftop of the infamous MONA FOMA after party in Hobart’s CBD and we came up with this Crystal Disco Cave… The LED programming is by Leon Yuhanov.

Photo Credit: #Mona/#RémiChauvin

In relation to my SS0910 Plaid collection, architect Aaron Roberts and I extruded some of the 2-D textile designs central to my collection into 3-D installation works… We constructed this work entirely by hand, with sticky tape and acetate. 

In March 2009, architect Aaron Roberts and I began the first in a series of works extruding 2D textile designs central to my seasonal fashion collections into immersive 3D conceptual installations. This work explores my Art Deco inspired ‘Flapper’ motif in a dazzle-camoflauge-esque boutique concept. You may like to watch a time-lapse of the construction process below.


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