I am nothing short of SUPER excited to announce that the super talented Tessa Blazey and I will be launching the culmination of our 7 year collaboration – Future Artefacts – in a show co-curated by Karen Woodbury and Craft Victoria which also marks the christening of Craft’s new exhibition space, in the basement below Supernormal, (180 Flinders Lane, Melbourne) on Thursday Oct 12, 6-8pm. The show will also unveil our new collaborations with photographer Jane Burton, sculptor Kate Rohde and composer Byron Meyer. Love to see you all there! XXX Show runs until Nov 18. Photograph: Jane Burton

*This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Councilits artsfunding and advisory body.

Coming somewhat back to earth, the collab pieces are below are a touch more wearable! ***STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS ABOUT A VERY EXCITING STOCKIST IN AUSTRALIA’S CAPITAL TERRITORY***

Jeweller Tessa Blazey and fashion designer Alexi Freeman collaborate to create sculptures forged from a marriage between artisanal workmanship and technology. These techniques also inform a boutique collection of contemporary jewellery.

Since 2011 they have shown their collaborative works with a number of galleries including the Powerhouse Museum, Pieces of Eight, Craft Victoria, Karen Woodbury Fine Art, Second Space Projects and the National Gallery of Victoria

The Interstellar Collection is fit for a sci-fi goddess to traverse the celestial sphere. Metal is arranged into geometric constellations with comet like fringing that has been singed to create a tonal effect. Thus evoking the aesthetic of an object that has burnt up upon entry to the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Relic Collection is inspired by a volcanic sub-tropical paradise and is constructed from intricately cut acrylic in fluorescent orange with silver plated metal components. The organic shapes are arranged in mirrored formations that reference palm fronds and molten lava.

Moving right along… To say that the fabulous Kate Rohde likes a phantasmagoria of crystal forms is probably putting it mildly… And while you’re making wildly colourful accusations, I invite you to accuse me of being equally as enamoured by all shades of metal… and voila! you can now get the best of both worlds with our collab Metal Crystal Bangles, available from Australia’s most loved design store – namely the National Gallery of Victoria Design Store. And the best part? Every piece is a unique state so no-one else will ever have one quite the same as yours… Buy these little slices of artisanal joy here! Or if you happen to be reading this whilst shooting the breeze in Fitzroy, why not give me a hoy and view available stock at the AF headquarters – 45 Chapel St, Fitzroy, Melbourne.


The Woven Chainmail Necklace is an AF solo project that series stems from an ongoing fascination with metal and artisanal craftsmanship that began when I first studied sculpture at the Hobart School of Art in the mid 90’s.

*Materials: 100% nylon string, silver plated base metal
*Dimensions: 2cm w x 81cm
*Other colours and lengths available upon request
*All items are hand made in-house at the ALEXI FREEMAN studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne


During the 2014 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival as part of the Windows By Design project, we unveiled our Eclipse Pendant at dedece designed in collaboration with Maddie Sharrock of StudioTwocan.  Bespoke versions of this piece can be made in a variety of colours and sizes. Contact us for more info!

EclipsePendant_AlexiFreeman_StudioTwocan_photography_WilliamWattPhotography by William Watt 

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